-Please enjoy the thicker soup by adding beef flavor to the unique ham flavor of Samyang Ramen.


noodle:  Wheat flour (US), modified starch, palm oil (Malaysian), refined salt (domestic),migamsu oil, onion extract, noodle additive alkali (acidity regulator), guar gum, vitamin B2, citric acid, green tea flavored milk. 

Soup:  Batch stew base, refined salt, Jeongbaekdang, seasoned soy sauce powder, Yangji flavor soup base, ham flavor powder, vegetable soy sauce powder, bacon flavor powder, flavor base S, Jimmy flavor powder, kimchi seasoning powder, stir-fried seasoning powder, bag stew powder, Pepper powder, pork flavor powder, amino acid mixture (nutritive enhancer, flavor enhancer), beef seasoning powder, mixed battery powder, Jimmy reinforced base powder, flavor enhancer, spicy seasoned red pepper flavor, luxury powder, palm oil, pepper powder, yeast extract powder , Mixed seasoning powder, paprika extract, kimchi stew-flavored powder, garlic flavored oil, radish , DL-apple acid, powdered caramel (caramel color, maltodextrin), bok choy, real carrot, ham flavor flake, dried cabbage, dried green onion.a

Contains wheat, soybean, egg, milk, pork, chicken, beef and shellfish


Samyang Ramen Spicy noodle 120g

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