-Premium ramen, a delicious ramen with only 60 delicious and rich ingredients

-Product Features:A product that adds sesame powder and potato starch to cotton dough to preserve the aroma and softness, and
to enjoy rich ingredients such as broccoli and shiitake mushrooms.


noodle: Wheat flour (US), modified starch,   palm oil (Malaysia), refined salt (domestic), Ms. S oil,  skim sesame powder, noodles added alkali (acidity regulator), guar gum, onion extract, vitamin B2, citric acid,  green tea flavor U.

Soup: longevity base, Jeongbaek sugar, refined salt, flavor base S, seasoned rib flavor powder, peanut battery-M, fermented soy sauce base,  broth flavor powder, pork flavor flavor powder, spicy pepper base powder, stir-fried seasoning powder, beef seasoning powder, mixed seasoning Powder, Hanwoo beef bone seasoning powder, rich flavor, spicy seasoning powder, bean sprout extract powder, bacon flavor powder, pepper powder, red pepper powder, vegetable flavor oil powder, Korean beef powder, ham flavor powder, spicy seasoned red pepper flavor powder, Jimmy enhanced base powder, Garlic-flavored oil, paprika extract, pepper seed oil, beef flavor seasoning oil, flavor enhancer,  dried green onion , real carrot, shiitake slice, cheonggyeongchae, dried broccoli flakes, freeze-dried green onion.

-contains:wheat, soybean, pork, egg, milk and peanut
Samyang Delicious ramen 115g

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