• Brand: HAMASAEN
  • Weight: 40g
  • About this Item:
    By covering the tea plantation with a Yoshizu shelf and cultivating it away from direct sunlight, theanine, which is an umami ingredient, increases and produces a unique taste and light blue. The steamed fresh leaves are dried while soaring by the wind force, and the leaves are dried in a brick-making furnace with the leaves open. The tea produced in this way is called "Tencha". Tencha produced in mid-May is aged until autumn, then blended, and then slowly ground with a stone mill. Please enjoy the tradition and taste of Kyoto protected by Hamasaen. <Producing area> Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture We ship fresh tea leaves in nitrogen-filled aluminum packs. Best-by date 120 days
HAMASA-EN Matcha Tea 40g

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