Brand:  Glico
Ingredients: Flour, sugar, vegetable oil, lactose, whole milk powder, cocoa powder, strawberry powder, wheat protein, shortening, candy chips, salt, yeast/colorant (acerbate pigment, grape skin pigment, caramel), emulsifier, flavour, seasoning (inorganic salt), leavening agent, acidulant, trehalose, sweetner (sucralose), (partially contains milk ingredients, wheat and soybeans).
Allergy Info:   Wheat. Milk. ,soybean
-Strawberry cream with plenty of flesh was sprinkled twice, and a bittersweet cacao pretzel was added to bring out the original taste of strawberries. It is a luxurious double-layered strawberry pocky that you can enjoy the rich taste of the combination of strawberry and cacao.
-A Plenty of Strawberry Pulp

-Chunks of dried strawberries are sprinkled in with the strawberry-flavoured chocolate that coats the bittersweet cocoa biscuit.

[Glico] Pocky Chunky Strawberry 74g

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