Spicy Buldak Mayo for everything you can imagine

NET WT: 250g

Brand: Samyang

Product of Korea

Ingredient: Mayonnaise 64% [Vegetable oil (foreign: Argentina, USA, China, etc.), egg yolk solution (egg (egg: domestic)), fermented vinegar, sugar, refined salt], chicken sauce 16% <Bulky chicken base powder {Chicken extract powder NM (chicken extract concentrate (chicken: domestic))}], other fructose, grill chicken concentrate [boiled chicken {chicken extract (chicken: domestic)}), samyang soy sauce, refined soybean oil>, reduced sugar, Purified water, cooking cream {palm kernel hardened oil (from Indonesia)}, sugar, skim milk powder, modified starch, lactic acid, carrageenan, habanero chili seasoning powder-3.

Allergy info: Contains turmeric, milk, soybean, wheat, chicken and beef


[SAMYANG] Buldak Hot Spicy Mayonnaise

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