Using charred milk, we combined carefully kneaded milk chocolate with pretzels using fermented butter. It is a fragrant hydrangea pocky with a crispy texture and dietary fiber made from whole grains. * Uses 0.9% fermented butter (pretzel part), * Uses 0.7% charred milk (chocolate part)

-Crispy texture with whole grain powder

-Fragrance prezel using Fermented Butter

-Contain Fiber!!!


NET WT: 80g

Sell Unit: 1 Package


Wheat flour (domestic), sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, vegetable fats and oils, whole wheat flour, cocoa butter, shortening, malt extract, wheat protein, salt, fermented butter, wheat germ, yeast / processed starch, emulsifier, fragrance, swelling Agent, antioxidant (Yamamomo extract), (some contains dairy ingredients, wheat, and soybeans). May contain additional ingredients.

Allergy Info:

 Contains Wheat. Milk. soybean

Egg are laid in the production line.

[Glico] Pocky TASTY Chocolate with Cultured Butter

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