-Weight 600g
-Shipping Info Local Deliver (Montreal)/ Domestic (Canada)
-Brand young poong
-Ingredient rice99.1%, fefined salt(korean product), citric acid(e330), grain alchol
-Pcaking and Storage  Store in a cool and dry place, not in direct sunlight.
Refrigerator storage after opening.
-Product Korea


1. Do not eat deoxidizer packed with rice cake
2. You may smell alcohol when opening the product; it evaporates during cooking and is harmless.
3. Some spots on the surface are part of the rice, which can be consumed safely.
-This is new product which is composed of Ricecake made of rice.
It can be preserved at a room temperature.


-Tteokbokki, spicy stir-fried rice cakes, is a highly popular Korean street food and a delicious comfort food you can easily make at home. The spicy, slightly sweet, and chewy rice cakes are simply addictive!  

[matamun] Korea Stir-fried Rice Cake For Ttokpokki

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